In Vitro Diagnostics : Oncology and Infectious Diseases Conference

In Vitro Diagnostics: Oncology and Infectious Diseases Conference to be held on 9 – 10 November 2016 in London, UK, aims to bring people together from hospitals, reference laboratories and academic institutes and IVD industry leaders to discuss about the potential growth of IVD in Oncology and Infectious Diseases and challenges faced. Keynote presentations, Brainstorming Panel Discussions and Case studies will give the attendees an opportunity to understand the current issues faced.

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In Vitro Diagnostics : Oncology and Infectious Diseases Conference
9 et 10 novembre 2016 – Londres UK


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Ageing population, rising chronic lifestyle diseases and increasing usage of point of care testing are the driving factors for the growth of in vitro diagnostics industry.

The industry has also witnessed positive support in form of funding by NIHR to NHS Trust to improve the way diseases are diagnosed by forming DEC (Diagnostic Evidence Cooperatives), 6 new pathology projects, for better patient care and improved efficiency. Technological advancements have led to new variety of diagnostic tests, allowing patients to access novel treatments earlier.



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