Our commitment

The Diagnostic is one of the four professional axes around which Eurobiomed articulates its activity in the service of business growth. Since 2010, the objective of the cluster is to support the development of new products and services with strong value-added, value creators for economic activity and jobs in the territory.

Eurobiomed Diagnostic today represents the most dense network of French innovators in medical diagnostics. With over 70 structures directly involved in the development of innovation in diagnostics, Eurobiomed Diagnostic represents one of the largest concentration of players in Europe!

Eurobiomed is the founder and leader of the first global cluster in the diagnostic field, the EDCA European Diagnostic Cluster Alliance, which currently consists of 450 in vitro diagnostic companies.

The challenge is to strengthen the position as European leader of the cluster and its companies by consolidating synergies, while supporting initiatives of excellence and collaborative projects through developing a network of international partnerships.