Eurobiomed Diagnostic brings together all public and private stakeholders; its goal is to promote the medical diagnosis network, which is one of the stars of the EUROBIOMED region, the Health sector of the Mediterranean Arc.


Its objective is to strengthen the competitiveness of stakeholders throughout the entire value chain in the region, and beyond that, to give them the means to develop innovations and offer them the most favorable ecosystem for research and economic development


Eurobiomed Diagnostic today represents the densest network of French innovators in medical diagnosis.

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Eurobiomed reste à vos côtés pour vous soutenir durant cette crise exceptionnelle



Appel au don de matériel pour le dispensaire établi...

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Depuis toujours, Soladis s’engage à vos côtés pour proposer des solutions innovantes et adaptées à vos activités et votre évolution.

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Transfer of full-fledged research unit with around 400 jobs from Bayer to NUVISAN

NUVISAN to build new research center in Berlin ...

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Devenez sponsor des évènements du pôle

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Eurobiomed a négocié pour vous un tarif privilégié à Biotech&Finances !

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