ONCO Emergence Forum - ONCONET/Eurobiomed Diagnostic

The ONCO Emergence Forum is the European Network for Translational Research and Innovation in Oncology to improve patient healthcare. This two day event aims to promote all levels of Research in Oncology from basic research, clinical research to market access of product in Oncology.



The ONCO Emergence Forum aims to encourage the setting up of transnational collaborative projects. It is the place for you to be in order to:

  • Share your expertise, practices  and research results.
  • Set up collaborations within the South-West of Europe area (business & research).
  • Meet experts in cancer diagnostic and treatment, clinical studies and bioinformatics.
  • Explore how to access biological samples for your research & development project.
  • Learn about best practices in innovation, funding and access to market.


Organized by ONCONET and Eurobiomed Diagnostic, in Montpellier on the 14th and 15th of December 2017, the ONCO Emergence Forum will unite academic researchers, clinicians, industrial to discuss about Oncology and set up the Oncology world of tomorrow. The Meeting will take place on the campus of Montpellier SUPAGRO.


Program : 6 sessions

  • Liquid biopsies as Prognostic biomarkers in solid tumors, new diagnosis approaches and implication in clinical studies
  • Cancer aggressiveness : understanding the specificity of aggressice cancers in research, diagnosis, treaments and patient care.
  • Microbiome and cancer.
  • Access to biobanks and biological samples in Europe.
  • Big Data and Bioinformatics.
  • Innovation, research, funding and market.


We organize tailor-made B2B meetings during the Emergence Forum.




For Information call Laurent GARNIER : 33 (0)7 60 67 00 34 - laurent.garnier(at)eurobiomed(dot)org

Nicolas REYMOND : 33 (0)7 63 01 00 34 - nicolas.reymond(at)eurobiomed(dot)org