Local projects managers


Montpellier Office Project Manager

Before joining Eurobiomed, Laurent worked in sales and marketing at Procter Gamble Pharmaceuticals. Along with his business development mandate, he is also business analyst and trainer.

Recruited in 2015, Laurent is responsible for the diagnostic sector of the Eurobiomed cluster region. As part of his mandate, he determines support needs for companies in transversal action which aim to develop the whole of the diagnostic ecosystem.

Laurent holds a Master’s in biology and an Executive MBA.

Why contact him? 

  • To get informed, get involved…anything to do with the medical diagnostic ecosystem in Languedoc-Roussillon and PACA (PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTE D'AZUR).

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Project Manager, Montpellier branch

Nicolas holds a PhD in Immunology and a Master's in Management and Business Administration.

Nicolas began his career as a researcher in Immunology. He worked for 15 years as a project manager for biology/health research projects (Immunology and Oncology) in France, Canada, the US and the UK.

He then held marketing positions at Histalim, having operational marketing responsibilities (organizing and conducting market research at the interface between academic research sectors and manufacturers in the private sector) and strategic responsibilities (support and positioning of businesses in biology/health new markets).

Nicolas joined the Eurobiomed Cluster in 2016. He is in charge of the organization and development of the center's activities in the Montpellier branch. With his strong dual scientific and managerial expertise, he supports the development of companies in Biology/ Health in the region and promotes interactions between different ecosystem actors.  

Why contact him?

    • One of your privileged Eurobiomed interlocutors in Languedoc-Roussillon.
    • Get information about the industrial sector in the region, find industrial partners and academic skills within Eurobiomed in biology/health.
    • Benefit from support services to companies and academic laboratories offered by Eurobiomed: development of innovative projects, fundraising research, coaching and business competitiveness.
    • To participate, organize or sponsor a regional event. 

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      07 63 01 00 34



      Project Manager, Sofia Antipolis branch


      Since the beginning of her career, Cécile has worked in the health innovation ecosystem, in contact with businesses and research laboratories. She was project manager and director of the Centre d’Innovation et d’Usages en Santé (CIU-Santé), before joining the Centre Nationale de Référence Santé à Domicile et Autonomie (CNR Santé).

      Cécile joined the division in 2016 and is in charge of developing the Eurobiomed activities in the PACA Est region. She also coordinates activities related to employment and training.
      Cécile is an engineer from the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and holds a doctorate in risk and crisis management from the Ecole des Mines de Paris.


      Why contact her?

        • To find industrial partners and academic skills within Eurobiomed, Cécile is your Eurobiomed interlocutor in PACA Est for information on the industrial sector in PACA
        • To develop a project in the e-health sector
        • To be informed about activities supporting employment and training

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          07 60 69 00 34

          Nicolas Sainte-Foie

          Aix Marseille Office Project Manager

          Nicolas holds a MSc in Project Management and Innovation in Biotechnology from Montpellier University and an Advanced Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management from Grenoble Ecole de Management.

          After former experiences as a R&D Project Manager at GTP Technology, then Assistant Consultant in Innovation in Intellectual Property in Life Sciences at Questel Consulting, Nicolas have blossomed for three years within the leading digital media covering the European Biotech Industry. As an author, he got the opportunity to interview, amongst others, directors, analyse the trends and issues of the biotech industry and attend major events for the biotech sector.

          Nicolas joined the Eurobiomed Cluster in 2017. He is in charge of the organisation and development of the center’s activities in the Aix Marseille Metropole and PACA West Region. He supports also the companies of the Eurobiomed Cluster acting on CellComp actions and the different French Tech initiatives on the Aix Marseille Metropole area.

          Why contact him ?

          • He is the privileged Eurobiomed interlocutor in PACA West
          • For the identification and support of R&D projects with a high potential
          • For the identification and analysis of business needs for companies
          • For the development and promotion of the network organising territorial events/workshops

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          +33 (0) 6 61 78 12 53
          +33 (0) 4 91 13 74 61

          Management of EUROBIOMED

          Emilie ROYERE

          General Manager

          Graduate of European and international law (University of Aix- Marseille), Emilie Royere participated from 2004 in the creation of the Bioméditerranée cluster, foreshadowing the Eurobiomed cluster, which she leads today. 

          She is very much in the dynamics of one of the most competitive clusters, which wants the catalyst of sectoral initiatives with strong potential. Emilie works daily to develop Eurobiomed and the growth of its partners and their projects.

          Why contact her?

          • To develop structuring programmes for the ecosystem

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          Deputy Director of Innovation & Competitiveness

          Graduate engineer of the Ecole Centrale de Lille, specialising in strategic audit and Industrial Engineering, Marianne has expert knowledge of the health system and the health care supply.

          Marianne began her career at the company Coca Cola in the French production site. She managed investment projects for the production and testing of laboratories, and established a strategic plan for the site capacity management. She then worked for eight years at Alcimed, an international innovation consulting firm in the health sector, as head of the "public health policies business" unit. She worked closely with the major players in the healthcare supply particularly in the public sector (Ministry of Health, ARS, professional associations) and the public-private interface. 

          Recruited in 2014 by the Eurobiomed cluster, she is responsible for defining, promoting and supporting the services offered to businesses. 

          Why contact her?

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          JUSTINE MEGE

          JUSTINE MEGE

          Administrative Assistant

          Justine has a BTS of  assistant manager ( ?) from the EXXECC School of Marseille

          With 3 years of experience as assistant of management, Justine has developped commercial, administrative and human ressources skills. As part of her duties, she organised a prospection campaign but also cultural and sport events.

          Justine has spent a year in United States and couple of months in England in order to perfect her professional english skills.

          Why contact her?

          • For all administrative matters

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          Team Innovation & Competitiveness



          Competitiveness Project Manager

          Since the start of her career, Marie Stéphane has specialized in the fields of financing innovative companies and supporting start-ups in the healthcare sector.

          She has more than 12 years of experience in venture capital as a fund manager specialized in health. She closed about 10 deals for a total investment of €40M. She held various boardmember positions,  notably at Adocia, Trophos, Ipsogen. She offered her clients the opportunity to benefit from some famous success stories such as Innate Pharma, OPI, Gloster Healthcare Europe, Metabolic Explorer and Carmat.

          Marie-Stéphane began her career as a junior financial analyst specialised in Health, working at the Banques Populaires Group in a subsidiary dedicated to IPOs. Then she joined the Ernst and Young suport team for health start-ups , notably in charge of techno-economic analysis, drafting of business plans and fundraising.

          She holds a Master in Management from the IAE in Aix-en-Provence and a PhD in Biotechnology from the Nancy School of Agronomy.

          She joined the Eurobiomed cluster in 2016, where she is responsible for developing the Go4biobusiness accelerator and accompanying the range of services offered to business members.

          Why contact her ?

          • To learn about about Cellcomp service offer to businesses
          • To learn about the Go4biobusiness Accelerator
          • To challenge your corporate development and fundraising strategy

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          International Project Manager

          With a Master in International Relations, Camille Sumner is specialized in international development and scientific cooperation.

          Both french and american, Camille started her career by designing a european and american partnership strategy for Saint Etienne Metropole before working for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as academic and scienfic cooperation manager in Togo. There, she ignitiated and strenghtened international partnerships between laboratories but also attracted international investors for sustainable development, biologic and agronomics projects. Passionated by the R&D universe, she joined the school of INSA Lyon. There she designed the first summer schools for US and japonese students and enable INSA to obtain new european funds.

          Thanks to her experiences she then collaborated with the Institute of the Markets Conquest as International Development Coordinator.

          Camille joined Eurobiomed in 2017. She is in charge of international projects (BIOCOM partnership animation, international delegations coordination, european interclustering projects etc.) and also of companies’ international development.

          Why contact her?

          Contact details 

          04 91 13 74 67


          Innovation Project Manager

          Emmanuel began his career as a researcher in immunology before joining Eurobiomed in 2011. 

          He supports businesses innovative project leaders with a perfect knowledge of the expectations of funders. He gives added value to projects and ensures that the quality of the latter is of the highest standards, scientifically and economically. 

          Emmanuel holds a doctorate in immunology and a Master in project engineering. 

          Why contact him?

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          Innovation Project Manager

          Côme initially worked in Provence Technology, a company that offers innovative solutions in fine organic chemistry, as a project manager. His mission was to set up the commercial structure of the company and structure the organisation of projects in the pharmaceutical field. 

          In 2008, he joined Eurobiomed where he is today a project manager. He helps businesses to mount and fund their R&D projects. Côme is also the economical intelligence and design reference in the Eurobiomed cluster. 

          Côme holds a Master in Marketing and a BA in organic chemistry.

          Why contact him?

          • For support of the R&D projects mission
          • To identify funding and / or potential partners
          • To find academic skills within Eurobiomed
          • For advice on economic intelligence and IT security

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